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Lucky’s Brings a Taste of Chicago to Texas

If you’re from Georgetown, then you know probably remember the names Jerry and Coco Honnell. If not, you certainly know their food.  The Honells owned “The American Bistro” in Georgetown for years before moving to Round Rock to up their game. And up it, they did with the acquisition of Lucky’s Chicago Style Grill.

To know something about this unique couple means to understand their background. Jerry harkens from New Mexico, where he grew up in a decades-old family restaurant featuring New Mexican specialties. Honnell says, “Growing up in the restaurant business, my father taught me to cook from a young age, and he only knew one way to do anything—the right way.  He never skimped on ingredients or anything else it took to make food the very best it could be. So that’s what we do now.”

If you knew Honnell is Georgetown, you’d recognize his signature made-from-scratch burgers. People drove from miles around to get them and the eclectic variety he created. As a New Mexico native, his Green Chili Burger rivals any you’ve tasted.

Honnell proudly notes, “Of course we roast our own peppers. It improves the taste tremendously.”

At Lucky’s Chicago Style Grill you’ll find the gambit of authentic Chicago specialties. From Dogs, Brats and Polish Sausages to Italian Beef Combos and Meatball Subs, all are made from original Chicago-style recipes using authentic ingredients including Vienna Beef and signature bread. If you like Portillo’s, you’ll love Lucky’s.  Dogs are steamed; sausages are steamed and grilled; and all the fixings are the exact same brands you’ll find anywhere in Chicago.

“This is a family business,” says Honnell. We understand how important your business is, and when you come here we’ll treat you like family. And, if you can’t come to Lucky’s, let Lucky’s come to you. Delivery is available using Ubereats and Grubhub.com.  If you need a taste of the Windy City for an event,  Lucky’s will cater your heart’s desire.

“We work hard to make sure our customers are 100% happy, and we appreciate their business. We encourage you to come and ‘try a little piece of Chicago right here in Texas.’”  Visit luckydogchicagostyle.com for the full menu.

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