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Republicans Moving Forward to November

Williamson County’s Republican nominee for County Judge is looking forward to walking arm in arm to the ballot box with his fellow nominees in November.

Judge Bill Gravell says, “I am humbled to be the Republican nominee, and I look forward to working and serving in public office with the best in the state. I am proud to stand beside them for this momentous election.”

Judge Gravell referred particularly to fellow nominees with Democratic challengers in the November general election; Congressman John Carter, Brandy Hallford (County Court #1), Evelyn McLean (JP3); “One of the hardest working people I’ve met”, and Cynthia Flores (TX 52), “Cynthia Flores is very spunky and is the future of this party. I know Judy Hobbs and Dain Johnson are all hardworking and the races are going to be exciting.”

He says he is proud of the races each ran and reminded attendees at the recent county convention to consider the party standards moving forward. “We will honor Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment to speak no ill of fellow Republicans but, also, we are going to speak ill of no one else. We do not honor God or Texas to say disparaging things about candidates or elected officials.” Gravell challenged attendees at the convention, and especially those on the ballot, to be kind in what they say and only talk about who they are and what they offer rather than tearing down other people.

At the podium he assured the assembly that he will personally hold people accountable for doing so and will call them out publicly. “It is time that we all start looking out for each other.”

On the campaign trail, Judge Gravell says he has no plans to change his platform or do anything different in the general election. “I am not charging anyone to do anything different to support me and I will continue to stand on everything I’ve said for the past year. People are coming back from the primary race and supporting the party nominee as they should.”

The candidate is continuing his race for public safety, leadership and fiscal responsibility. “A county with 1,700 employees and 550,000 citizens should have a good leader. We need your prayers, your help, and your financial support. I am excited to be through round one and headed, together, to the final bell.”

While he continues to stay above the negative press of the primary race, he is not unaware of the effects it had on the party and the electorate, and joked; “There were a lot of people who did not like Donald Trump in the primaries and claimed they would never get over it. But, they still call him ‘Mr. President.’ I want to say thank you to all the people who supported me in the primary and for those who did not, I so much look forward to gaining your support this fall.”

Gravell affirms that while primaries are individual races, the general election is a team sport and, “People will see our team come together in a way that is honorable, stunning and exciting. But I want people to be vigilant; anyone who takes these fall elections for granted is a fool. We must work hard to win.”

Judge Gravell has already met with his Democratic opponent, and they have agreed to run an honorable campaign based on who they are and what they stand for.

Gravell is also planning to work closely and appear with all the candidates and says people can look for some exciting things to start happening around July 4th. “I want people to get to know those they elect and their impact. Voters are sick and tired of complaints that are nothing but mudslinging. We want voters to turn out, so we will be inspirational.”

He also encourages voters to be ready to vote May 5 for city elections. “These entities have greater taxing authority than the county, and those races count for a great deal. There are good conservative Republicans running for those offices, so please get out and vote them in.”

Visit BillForJudge.com to help.

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