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Q&A: Precinct 4 Commissioner

The Advocate reached out to candidates for Williamson County Precinct 4; Russ Boles, Heather Peal, David Marek and Bobby Seiferman. Candidates who responded by the deadline are included here. • 1. What qualifications and experience do you believe enable you to be ready for the job of Commissioner on Day 1?2. Where do you see Williamson County in 2028? • 3. What do you consider your greatest professional or vocational achievement? • 4. Why should voters support you?

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Russ Boles

Round Rock business owner and community leader. He is active in the Republican Party, YMCA and Chamber of Commerce.

1. I’m a small business owner. I know that government should run like a business, not a bureaucracy, that’s why Governor Greg Abbott appointed me as a State Director of the Brazos River Authority where I oversee a $335 million budget and manage the state’s natural resources in a river basin larger than the State of Tennessee. As a successful small businessman I do it all, from balancing the checkbook to taking out the trash. I lead by example, being straight forward and hard working for my clients. With a proven record of conservative management, I will fight the fight to keep Williamson County budgets trim and efficient, tax rates low, and make smart investments in what really matters to protect our quality of life.

2. The best communities, like Williamson County, are built on two basic building blocks, outstanding public safety and great public school systems. Williamson County has been blessed with great leaders in both of those areas and I see those two building blocks being an important part of the 2028 version of Williamson County. I’ve lived in Williamson County more than 45 years and while each version has had its challenges, it’s always been an amazing place and I don’t see that changing (it’s a special place with special people).  Since I’ve lived here, as the growth has increased, so have the opportunities. Will there be high-rises, perhaps, but there will also be family farms. Will there be more traffic, unfortunately yes, but also great first responders and amazing teachers making Williamson County a great community. I look forward to the 2028 version of our county.

3. The trust of my clients is definitely my greatest professional achievement. My clients range from farmers to investors, from long time county residents to small businesses. They rely on my knowledge to give them the most information that allows them to make the best decisions. I fight to give them unique opportunities and use my experience to guide them through tough decisions.

4. As a community leader with conservative values I have worked for decades to make Williamson County a better place for our families. As a commercial real estate broker, I work hard to fix problems and find solutions. I used these skills, as example, when I located Wilco Recycling and its 125 jobs to Taylor in 2011 and then again when I located Jordan Foster Construction Company and its 100 jobs to Hutto in 2017. I am husband to Kathy and father to Meg and Reese; my personal focus is to give them the best, which is why we choose Williamson County as our home. I will fight for taxpayers, grow our economy and preserve our quality of life.

Bobby Seiferman

Senior advertising and social media marketing professional. Member of the WilCo Republican Leaders organization and delegate to 2016 state Convention.

1. Unlike my primary opponents, I have already been through a contested election and won having served on the Round Rock School Board, helping to manage over a billion dollars in public funds, chaired the district’s policy committee for almost two years and represented the district on the Capital Area Council of Governments. I also chair the Taylor Main Street Board and am a graduate of Leadership Hutto and I have a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

2. The county will continue to grow, but it is important that we take all segments of the county’s economy in to account before we plan. Progress at any price is not progress at all but rather a recipe for economic and environmental disaster. The agri-business sector still contributes millions of dollars to the county economy.

3. I work for a very strong and competitive media company and have been ranked as a top employee having made the President’s Club in 2017. I am also proud of the work I have done for several local Chambers of Commerce. I am currently president of the Central Texas I-10 Community Alliance.

4. I am the only candidate to pledge to being a full-time commissioner. The other candidates are either unable or unwilling to make that commitment to the taxpayers of Precinct 4. I am also the only candidate to have served previously in elected office and therefore the best choice to represent our party as we go into the general election.

Heather Peal

Managing partner of Peal & Associates in Round Rock.

1. The Commissioners Court is the overall governing and management body of Williamson County, responsible for the administration of all County business, all budgetary decisions and setting the tax rate each year. With over 8 years’ experience offering outstanding service to diverse clients, direct involvement in hands on operations and budgeting. My experience in the private sector, provides the knowledge needed in government.

2. In 2028, as your next County Commissioner, we will see a successful comprehensive plan for future mobility, in a common-sense manner with community input and without adverse effects on our residents, their livelihoods and tax rate. Also, Williamson County has a long-standing reputation of being one of the safest counties in the nation for families to raise children. It is imperative that by 2028 our leadership stops repeating unfulfilled pledges and we provide our Law Enforcement, EMS and Fire Fighters the tools and training necessary to keep us safe. ​

3. Being a managing partner of a multi-million dollar company in Williamson County. By signing the front of the paycheck not the back, it provides me the understanding needed in government. It’s time we start running Williamson County as if it were a successful private sector business, placing the taxpayers first.

4. I have been on the campaign trail for over six months listening to our residents’ concerns and needs. People have had enough of career politicians and slick talking candidates who say one thing and then do the complete opposite while bending to special interests. I refuse to compromise my principals for a few votes by telling people what I think they want to hear. I am an advocate for the taxpayers of our county and will continue that practice as your next Pct. 4 commissioner.


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