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Telemarketers and Tanks

Advo-catie doesn’t try to insult anyone, but it is somewhat her style to say, “You’ve got to be kidding me…” on occasion. 

Without stating the obvious about Beto’s goal to take away my guns, I have some thoughts.

First, I have to thank (again) the law enforcement and military personnel who consistently and loudly reiterate they are not obligated to follow an immoral order. I especially send love to the Missouri police officer, who wrote in his blog about how he would go about his house-to-house firearm pickup; “When I answer the door and the law-abiding citizen is standing there with his 9mm and case in his hand, I would say, ‘Thank you, sir, for answering the door and I’m very sorry to hear that your weapon was stolen from your home last night. Have a nice day.”

Yay! for toxic manhood. That writer is a man who likely believes that he doesn’t have to have a gun. On the other hand, if I met someone his size in a dark alley, who decided to beat me to death with a newspaper, my officer friend believes it’s okay for me to have a gun to defend against those biceps and newspaper.

That’s my problem with people who want to regulate my gun… they want to regulate it to the point that it is useless to have it. A reasonable person puts the gun in a reasonably secure, but still accessible location, thus it can be used for the stated purpose of self defense.

A gun control advocate wants the gun to be stored in a secure safe. There needs to be an additional lock placed on the exterior of the gun. The ammunition should be stored in an adjacent area. If my safe is in a place where any normal person could reach it, is being stored ‘irresponsibly”. Meanwhile, my attacker broke my credit card in half and sliced my neck with it.

Then, this is 2019… I have a DVD player in my car, a robot that vacuums my floors, a phone more powerful than all of NASA’s Apollo program, and a laser in my medicine cabinet… in what dimension does a gun control advocate think that I am deserving of nothing better than an 1812 Springfield rifle because anything more modern is a death machine? 

Gun control people say guns with magazines are military-grade items. If it can load more than one bullet at a time, it is an assault weapon. Perhaps they believe only the government can be trusted to own and use weapons safely, but these are the same people who can’t even get telemarketers to leave me alone. I am not confident in their ability to protect my life when I’m on my cell phone in a closet while someone does a room-to-room search for me.

A reasonable person believes the magazine should hold the number of bullets the weapon was designed to fire. In a handgun, there needs to be enough ammunition to engage an armed attacker and drive him off. Only James Bond and John McLain kill the bad guys with one bullet. So, gun control people support the trend of making my gun small enough so that only one bullet can fit inside? Did anyone ever take Barney Fife seriously as a law enforcement officer? 

There are people like Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee who tried to convince people that AR-15s use .50 caliber rounds and the gun weighs as much as ten moving boxes. She clearly gets her news from Facebook and has never held one of those guns. I have fired a .50 cal gun, which was mounted to the top of an armored vehicle because no one can carry them. The bullets for a .50 cal are bigger than the gun I carry around in my purse; there is NO mistaking one for the other if you have seen and held them. Stop gobbling up sound bites and actually learn about guns first. 

Funny that they still won’t recognize guns are not as much a problem as criminals. In foreign countries, bombings, acid, mass stabbings, and car attacks frequently kill more people than the deadliest mass shootings here. If Beto and his friends manage to get the guns, are they going to ban knives and baseball bats next? Do they realize for just a few more dollars than a Ford F150, I can legally buy a tank? The Leopard 1A5, with main gun disabled, would fit in my front yard. It is perfectly legal to own with no more paperwork than it takes to purchase a car. 

My point? Well, I suppose it’s possible for Beto and enough of his friends to win elections and somehow manage to change the Constitution, which, by the way, doesn’t guarantee my right to own a gun; it guarantees my right to not have my government infringe upon my God-given right to have one. 

But hey, if we’re going to say the Constitution was written before we had assault rifles, why not add that the 1st Amendment was written before we had radio, television and the Internet, so I guess you can’t have any more free speech unless you’re standing on a street corner or passing out fliers written with a quill and ink. 

Most of our Constitution was paraphrased from John Locke, who had already lived under the very kind of government we are trying to avoid. The entire purpose of the U.S. Constitution is to keep the government in check. Please tell me we are not going to elect people who are already promising to take away our ability to keep an eye on them. 

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