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The Millennial View: A Memorable Spring Break

As we know, spring break is one week off during mid-March, it’s a reprieve from the stresses of school, and all the burdens that accompany it. Students look forward to this time off as it is the last break before end-of-year finals and summer. Many Millennials connect either with friends or family and travel to various vacation spots around the world, but the majority of teenagers adhere to tradition and take group trips to the closest beach.

“I go to South Padre with my friends because I love the exhilarating atmosphere, and I love the beach, it makes for a great break from college midterms and late night studying,” said Texas Tech freshman, Warren Washburn.

Students see spring break as an opportunity to ‘hit the reset button’ and simply have a time to rejuvenate. Completing unfinished work, binge watching Netflix, or hanging out with friends is what Millennials strive for during the short period of spring break.

“You go to school for weeks, and weeks, and weeks, it just feels good to stop going to school for a week and just bring yourself back to a starting position, it’s a good time to reset yourself,” explained GHS junior, Antonio Torres.

Other students will travel much farther than your local beach, to places like Mexico, Paris, Iceland, or even places slightly closer like Las Vegas and California. Contrary to popular belief, some individuals will take these trips not for the purpose of partying at the beach, but for athletic and educational reasons.

“I’m going to Las Vegas for a soccer college showcase,” said GHS sophomore, Erin Cordero as she excitedly revealed her plans for the week off.

For Millennials, spring break is a time to relax and have fun. It’s the time to shed all of the worries that the high school life brings and an excuse to solely focus on being young. Many Millennials will even go as far as ditching their electronics and social media, to simply enjoy the vacation while it lasts.

“Without leaving your phone behind, you can’t actually experience everything, you’re just there and not actually seeing anything, you get distracted and that’s a waste of your time,” said GHS sophomore, Alison Jaen.

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