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The Milliennial View: A Millennial’s Presidency

by Haley VanderHaar & Julianna Washburn

The United States has welcomed its 45th president, Donald Trump. This presidential election has been, and will continue to be a topic of controversy.

Various thoughts and opinions on President Trump have been expressed resoundingly, not only across the polls and social media but also in nearly every aspect of today’s society. America voted for Donald Trump as our president, so is it safe to assume common Americans got what they wanted? Especially considering the Americans who could not vote, and how their silent thoughts could have impacted the election, or what qualities and characteristics they would have desired from a leader of our nation. We look to the Millennials to answer this question.

The Millennials of the 21st century are the teenagers of America. They are individuals soon to be set free into the world, possibly unaware of the life that awaits them outside of high school and college. So, the thoughts Millennials hold about Donald Trump’s presidency will be apparent in these coming years.

Will ours resemble the thoughts of the generation that precedes us, or will we have established our own opinions? Millennials look to a leader that is trustworthy, strong, and willing. Willing to understand, willing to better the nation, and willing to protect at all costs. It is a natural instinct to want to be capable of trusting our nation’s leaders with the tasks of making important, life-changing decisions for the citizens. Strength is necessary because a leader must be able to stand his/her ground—the ground of the people, and not be swayed or torn down by life’s struggles and the persuasion of others.

Millennials desire a leader who understands them as individuals, and has empathy for their lifestyles, someone who can relate to what it is like to be a teenager nowadays. Humans naturally look to someone who is reliable, and who they know they can turn to in a time of need.

So, Millennials today are dreaming of a leader who will do whatever it takes to ensure their happiness and safety, a leader who puts the needs of the people before self.

Looking forward, a Millennial’s desire will resemble that of the generations preceding and the qualities that are being created today. When it comes time for us to vote for and become the nation’s leaders; strength, passion, understanding, and selflessness will soon be seen.

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