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Court of Appeals: Appellate Attorney, Jennifer Freel on Ballot for Place 6

There are three places on the ballot for the Texas Third Court of Criminal Appeals. This court hears appeals from 24 counties in Central Texas. If a litigant is unhappy with a trial court’s decision, that person can bring the dispute to the appellate court for a second look.

Our highest courts—Texas Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals—can choose which cases to decide. The intermediate appellate courts, like the Third Court, are often the final chance a party has for getting the right decision.

Of the four Republican candidates for Place 6, Jennifer Freel is the only board-certified appellate attorney with jury trial, criminal and civil law experience. Her background includes working as a federal prosecutor and appellate judge clerk, and she represented business entities at one of the largest law firms in the nation.

Freel is also a native Texan and has a background that belies a cowboy code mentality. She fearlessly took on Mexican drug cartels, pedophiles and Ponzi-schemers. She has received positive recommendations from judges and fellow attorneys and teaches advanced legal writing at the UT School of Law. “Simply put, my legal practice has been focused on appeals. If elected to serve on the Third Court, my job will be to write opinions. I worked for nine years as a federal prosecutor and over the past five years, I defended convictions in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Because of the wealth of this appellate experience, I am ready to be an appellate judge.”

Freel is a mother of three and says she wants Texas to be as strong as it is now when her children are grown. “I have met so many great people and I’m proud to be from this part of the state. Primary voters are so engaged and interested in the process; it’s great to meet people who care so much about government.”

Freel began her career in journalism but while covering the trial of a corrupt government official, she realized she wanted to be a prosecutor, stand in the front of the room, and be a servant to the public. “I have always loved public speaking and arguing in front of a jury is the real thing.”

Freel’s career has come full circle and she has a great deal of experience on both sides of the table, giving her the kind of perspective necessary to judge.”I have the experience and the character to be Judge. I look forward to meeting more voters in the next five weeks and serving the good people of Central Texas.”

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