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Letter to the Editor: Liberal Infiltration

Liberal Infiltration

During every election cycle I routinely warn my fellow Wilco conservatives that there are wolves scratching at our doors. The ‘wolves’ being … staunch anti-conservatives who are always trying to infiltrate and change our bastion of conservative ideologies. Voting is the only way to keep them at bay.

In this election cycle however, I must also warn my fellow conservatives that there are infiltrators in our midst.  Based on their despicable campaign strategies, they are easy to spot. Look for the mud on their hands. They are called RINOs: Republicans in name only — donning the cloak of conservatism for the sole purpose of being elected in a notoriously conservative refuge that has, thus far, been impenetrable to Democrats and liberal thinkers.

Perhaps they are encouraged by the growing plot to overthrow the Trump presidency. We are living in an era of fake news. It is disruptive and costly and a huge waste of time diverting attention away from The People’s business.

Anonymous Internet blogs, emails and mail-outs are anonymous for a reason. The sender-writer doesn’t want to be sued for slander or to be recognized publicly as someone who is immature, manipulative, and destructive. Slanderous misinformation is often timed to hit the public (and private) venues just prior to early voting so targeted candidates do not have time to defend or correct the information before the vote.

This is clearly an anti-conservative movement to chip away at the underpinnings of our well established political system here in Williamson County.

The sophomoric antics used by these ‘rinos’, (and those that support them in their effort) are, without doubt, liberal attacks on our conservative ideals. I know of no other political force so capable, devious, and willing to use fake news and misinformation (anonymously) to move their agenda farther north into our county seat. If they can divert critical attention onto their opponent, you won’t notice their muddy hands.

The combined education, experience, and patriotism of the public at large in Williamson County most often guarantees this ruse just won’t work. If it ever does, God help us all.

The Rinos are at the door Wilco.  Early voting is underway. See you at the polls.

~Tony Trumps, Sun City

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