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Fuller Runs for District 1: “Preserve Our Historic Charm”

Attorney Alex Fuller is on the ballot for the vacant District 1 seat on the City Council. Mr. Fuller has lived in Georgetown for 20 years and says he is running for the open position because he has always believed in public service and paying back. He has been on the Planning and Zoning commission for four years and is also Chair of the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Fuller says, “I have always felt if I’m going to enjoy the great aspects of Georgetown I am going to have to volunteer and pay back sometime.” 

He is confident he is well-qualified for the job, having been a practicing lawyer for 42 years. “I have great depth and breadth of experience, having represented large hospitals, corporations and businesses, and I’ve also been involved in communities with low-income housing and challenges in transportation. I can see that we are beginning to have some of those same challenges in Georgetown. My training and my work on the city boards means I am ready to work on day one.”

Fuller hopes voters will see his enthusiasm about Georgetown and District 1, with particular respect to historical preservation. “I am all for development, but I want to make sure we balance it with our historic buildings and facilities. Where I live, there are no homeowner associations, so I want to step up and keep an eye on preserving our beautiful historical areas for many years to come.” 

He also says his experience in mediation will help facilitate good working relationships on Council and help everyone move forward as a team. “I don’t just represent District 1, but all of Georgetown. No one is against historic preservation, but I want to stand up for it publicly.” 

Fuller assures voters that he has no personal agenda and is just excited to help maintain Georgetown as the charming, small-town kind of place that he and his wife were attracted to 20 years ago. “I love all the amenities here as well as the history and I want to help those things mesh; not put one over the other.”

Fuller promises to be available to anyone who wishes to speak to him, not just district constituents, and, as his signs say, he will “Put Alex Fuller to work for you” throughout  his time on Council. He is scheduled to visit several candidate forums in October as well as a variety of voter groups in Georgetown. Events and information are on Facebook at AlexFullerCampaign. 

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