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Support for Alex Fuller

The voters in City Council District 1 need a representative who will work diligently for us.  Serving on the City Council is a lot of work, more than many of us would want to tackle.  If you look at the minutes from this year, the Council has met 50 times so far for meetings or workshops.  During 2018, the Council met 60 times.  That’s a lot.

District 1’s representative needs to be willing to do that work, and Alex Fuller has shown that he is.  Both of the candidates serve, or have served, on boards for the city.  Alex has served most recently on the Planning and Zoning Board, and his opponent currently serves on the Housing Advisory Board.  That is where the similarity ends.

If you look at the attendance of each you see a huge difference.  The minutes of the meetings show that Alex was present for 15 of the 16 meetings held by P&Z during his last 12 months on that board.  His opponent’s record, however, tells a very different story.  The minutes of the Housing Advisory Board reveal that, during the past 12 months, her board met 7 times.  She attended only 4 of these meetings.

Alex Fuller was present and working for us on the Planning and Zoning Board 93% of the time.  His opponent was present and working on the Housing Advisory Board only 57% of the time.

Candidates routinely promise they are going to serve us, but Alex has a track record of getting the job done.  His opponent falls flat with a badly failing grade.  You can’t do the work, if you don’t show up.

District 1 needs the experience and diligence that Alex Fuller can bring.  He is action, not talk, and he has my vote.

Liz Weaver


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