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Well, (Gus)… We’re Waiting

Something smells in Georgetown—and it doesn’t involve even a hint of city government. It is the smell of leaking gas on Williams Drive. This situation has now been going on for so long that I don’t recall when it started. Leaks happen. It’s what happens after they happen that matters. And in this case, it seems like it’s taking far too long to assess, diagnose, and correct this situation. With Atmos at the center of this debacle, it certainly makes one wonder. It’s hard to say exactly what Atmos is doing, but whatever it is, it isn’t enough or fast enough. A company with assets that shows zeros off the chart on their balance sheet should clearly be able to descend on Georgetown with enough physical assets to fix this mess. And in the process, the citizens are due an honest, comprehensible, explanation of what happened. Was this due to unforeseen circumstances, or did lack of maintenance contribute to this problem?  

It’s funny that Atmos chose a gopher as their public representative. They are, by definition, “rodent pests”; seems an odd choice to assist customers in how to avoid gas leaks.  At any rate, I hope that Gus the Gopher is out here 24/7 until this mess is fixed. Thank goodness that this problem didn’t occur on Carl Spackler’s watch in Caddyshack. If so, the little guy would be zig-zagging all over the place instead of concentrating on the problem at hand. I certainly hope this isn’t what’s happening in Georgetown. Residents deserve better.

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